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Diane Cowan (Founder of The Lobster Conservancy)

Diane has worked as a research scientist and educator in the academic, government and non-profit sectors. In 1996, she founded The Lobster Conservancy with a vision of building a bridge to join all those sharing the common goal of maintaining a strong and healthy lobster resource.

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The Lobster Conservancy

The Lobster Conservancy (TLC) was founded by Diane Cowan in 1996 on Orr's Island, just up the road from LobstArt Studios official home! TLC works with fishermen and volunteers throughout the Gulf of Maine region to sustain a thriving lobster fishery through science and community.

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Preparing the Lobster - Woody Allen/Diane Keaton Method

There are LOTS of videos about hot to prepare a lobster. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton demonstrate how their version of dealing with our crustacean friends.

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Just what the heck *IS*  LobstArt Studios?

This website contains graphical musings of all kinds, as documented by Tom "Doc" Brudzinski., He's a lad with polymathic interests and a wide variety of  capabilitites who employs ART to tell "the right story" for the situation..Some of the art was employed to help clients, but many other examples weredone for the

simple joy of creation!


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Develop/illustrate "solution stories";

Have fun!

Hope you enjoy a healthy, happy and lobsterful year!

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