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A Great Man Is Gone

MAURICE SENDAK passed away last year.


A GIANT in the fields of literature and art is gone. From a childhood that he described as a "terrible situation" he went on to delight young and old with his amazing stories and his fantastically beuatiful illustrations. He is truly one of my art heroes. His work covered the gamut from not only books, but videos, plays and operas. He will be missed, but his work will be enjoyed as long as there are children and grownups who remember the joys and fears of childhood!

Tomi Ungerer

An Alsation-born artist, who has lived and worked in New York City, Nova Scotia, Ireland and Strasbourg. HIs multi-faceted career has combined much loved children;s books with controversial adult work.

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Saul Steinberg

Saul Steinberg  was one of America’s most beloved artists, renowned for the covers and drawings that appeared in The New Yorker for nearly six decades and for the drawings, paintings, prints, collages, and sculptures exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. He created fascinating art from the simplest of things, like paper bags and rubber stamps.

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Paul Melia

Paul is an internationally known professional illustrator and painter and a personal friend for over 35 years, I have the deepest respect for not only Paul's artistic talents, but also for the special human being he is!

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Maurice Sendak

Like many of my "art heroes" Maurice is wa well known write r and artist of literature of children. Like most of the others on my list in that category, he is way MORE! HIs children's works, such as Where the WIld Things Are" are not typical of the soft stories that make up much of that genre. He has said, "I will not lie to children" and he has not. His work has definitely been affected by the loss of most of his family in the Holacaust, but it is definitely beautiful and complex beyond first glance.

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Milton Glaser

MIlton Glaser is a graphic designer whose work is much more widely known than his name. Among MANY other creations, his "I Love New York" logo and his Bob Dylan poster are best known. He also was a co-founder of New York Magazine.

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Herb Lubalin

Herb was a prominent graphic designer with incredible sktypographic skills. He is responsible for many wonderfull things, but the two things that endeared him to me were the magazine AVANT GARDE and the typeface of the same name that he designed for that publication. It is my default face because of its supreme sans serif elegance.

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Alan Cober

Alan Cober's unique style of illustration has aolways fascinated me. His work interpreted it's subject rather than just representing it. It appears "cartoony" to some, but his goal was interpreting the humnan conditoina and sometimes exposing socail injustice.

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Tom "Doc" Brudzinski


Lead Visual Storyteller

Just what the heck *IS*  LobstArt Studios?

This website contains graphical musings of all kinds, as documented by Tom "Doc" Brudzinski., He's a lad with polymathic interests and a wide variety of  capabilitites who employs ART to tell "the right story" for the situation..Some of the art was employed to help clients, but many other examples weredone for the

simple joy of creation!


LobstArt Studios Positioning Story

Graphically examine problems;

Develop/illustrate "solution stories";

Have fun!

Hope you enjoy a healthy, happy and lobsterful year!

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